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Jan 18, 2021



Kobini Ananth is a musician, composer, and economist based in London. For about twenty years she struggled with an eating disorder because of her insecurities about weighing more than those around her. Despite meeting with a therapist for several years, it wasn’t until fairly recently that she had a breakthrough moment, when she found the answer to her problem not from someone else but within herself. She realized that she needed to change her outside because she loved herself, not so that she could love herself more. Armed with this realization, she began sharing it with others, and now, on top of her other occupations, she’s a motivational speaker as well.


Today, Kobini joins me to talk about the importance of a good and close relationship with one’s body. She discusses the need for compassion for yourself, facing your past to move forward, and staying true to who you want to be. She talks about how you can pursue more than one passion, and how to make each one enjoyable instead of stressful by viewing it as a lifelong exploration instead of the pursual of a deadline. She closes with some important lessons she’s learned over the years, as well as the benefits of video journaling.


“You have the answer. No one else does.” - Kobini Ananth



This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • Your relationship with your body
  • Compassion for self
  • The importance of facing your past
  • Reframing your passions
  • Staying true to who you want to be
  • Video journaling



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