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Aug 24, 2020



Ann Brennan is the CEO of ASMM Digital Marketing, a digital agency that helps small businesses create a community around their brand, building engagement through services including social media, website management, content creation, graphic design, and other forms of digital marketing. Ann is also the founder of Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention, Inc., a non-profit organization and community event created alongside her son Ethan, dedicated to raising money and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Ann sees ending suicide as her life purpose and is passionate about encouraging companies to embrace cause marketing and be the change they wish to see. Additionally, Ann is the host of the podcast Small Business Connections.


Ann joins me today to discuss the darkest period of her life and how she transformed her struggle into something positive and reminding others that they are not alone. Ann shares the events leading up to founding Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention, Inc. and why she advocates for suicide prevention. Ann also highlights why asking for help is critical and emphasizes how sharing openly and authentically can be life-changing, and even life-saving.




“Whether you’re dealing with depression or anxiety or other issues in your life, if you can start sharing it, you’ll find that there are people that really, really get what you’re going through.” - Ann Brennan




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • The importance of checking on your “strong friend,” and who your strong friend might be
  • How Ann’s son’s struggle with mental health and self-harm impacted her mentally
  • How Ann realized the impact she could have on others
  • The shame surrounding suicide, why people die by suicide, and the importance of asking for help
  • The most important message that people struggling need to hear
  • How the idea for Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention was born and how much money the event has raised
  • What Ann has found to be the most challenging part of her advocacy work so far
  • The importance of balancing empathy with self-care as an advocate
  • How Ann’s digital marketing consultancy and her non-profit organization work hand-in-hand
  • Ann’s message to individuals who are struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts
  • Why sharing openly and honestly is so crucial



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “If you’re feeling like there is no hope, it’s really, definitely time to go ask for help.” - Ann Brennan
  • “You have to put on your own oxygen mask first.” - Ann Brennan
  • “It seems really hard to admit that you need help, it seems really hard… but as soon as you do, there’s some relief.” - Ann Brennan
  • “Every day we’re all affecting somebody’s life whether we know it or not.” - Ann Brennan



Resources Mentioned:

●      Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neil Gabler



Connect with Ann Brennan:






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