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Jan 27, 2021

Lisa DeAngelis is the founder of Dragonfly Coaching. She helps leaders at all levels move from knowledge to wisdom to action. She has published several peer-reviewed articles on leadership, teamwork, and transformation. She is also a frequent presenter for many organizations including the Core Leadership Institute, Wharton, Novo Nordisk, West Point, LEGO, and more. She is the director of the Center for Collaborative Leadership and is currently writing her first book, tentatively titled Teaching for Transformation.

Today Lisa joins me to talk about her journey. She talks about how life is rarely a straight shot and is often full of unexpected twists. She discusses the importance of living and experiencing for yourself instead of just taking others’ words for things. She talks about the importance of learning from the experiences you do have and notes that embracing your gifts is actually a selfless act. She ends by pointing out the importance of changing from a microscopic perspective to a telescopic perspective.

“It’s not selfish to own your gifts, to own your purpose. It’s actually the most selfless thing you can do for the world.”

“It’s always the twists and turns that teach us the most about ourselves.”


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • Experiencing life and learning lessons for yourself
  • The importance of choosing to learn from your experiences
  • Stepping into your spotlight
  • Looking at things with the right perspective

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