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Jul 20, 2020



Tamara Von Dohren is an executive coach and advisor who focuses on empowerment and strategy. She is the founder of The Lone Wolf Coach, where she helps entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and executives discover what ignites them so they can take action towards their goals and gifts. Before becoming a coach, Tamara worked internationally in the insurance, media/communications, event management, leadership, and education industries. A high-achiever by nature, Tamara was pushed into a box for 25 years, hiding her true potential to ‘not intimidate others.’ Today, she works to help other ‘tall poppies’ find their way and free themselves of who they believe they are supposed to be and discover who they truly are.


Tamara joins me today to share what it was like for her growing up as a ‘tall poppy’ in Australia and how this concept impacted her through her life. Tamara discusses her eclectic international career, the diverse range of experiences she had through her travels, and some of the key lessons she learned.Tamara also highlights the power of putting yourself into the unknown and embracing possibility as well as what she attributes to some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences she has had in her life.




“We’re all lone wolves in entrepreneurship in some way because we’re all breaking from the norm and trying to carve a different path.” - Tamara Von Dohren




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • What ‘tall poppy’ syndrome is and how it impacted Tamara at an early age
  • The biggest lessons Tamara learned while working in radio
  • Insight into Tamara’s international journey and her experience living in different places including Vancouver, London and Japan
  • The power of relationship building and how Tamara leveraged the power of networking throughout her career
  • When Tamara decided to start her own business
  • The value of detaching from outcomes and allowing space for the unknown
  • Why Tamara identifies as a lone wolf and the story of how she named her brand
  • How being a lone wolf can be a strength and how this applies to entrepreneurship
  • Two key questions that propelled Tamara forward throughout her journey
  • The importance of trusting yourself and listening to what you truly feel



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Anything’s possible if you just go for it.” - Tamara Von Dohren
  • "People are just people, and the best way to build rapport and build a connection with those people is to treat them like people." - Tamara Von Dohren
  • “The more you get in touch with yourself and what you know to be true and real for you, or right or wrong for you, the easier that becomes, to just take advice and take that constructive feedback, but make the decision for yourself regardless.” - Tamara Von Dohren



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