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Oct 19, 2020



Dr. Mandy Lehto is a writer, coach, and corporate trainer. She helps clients find peace, purpose, and more authenticity in life as well as help them display power through quiet confidence and kindness. Before she went full-time as a coach, Mandy worked for an international investment bank in London. Much of her wisdom on finance and coaching hail from obtaining her PhD from Cambridge University and her skills as a corporate image advisor.


Mandy joins me today to share how overachieving helped her find success in life and how it eventually led to stress and unhealthy habits. She discusses the moment she became an overachiever and how she realized it was negatively impacting her health. She explains how society looks at overachieving as a good thing and why it should be viewed as an addiction. Mandy also describes the time when she decided to listen to her body and quit being an overachiever.


"The struggle with overachievers is that a lot of it is about creating a facade to the outside world." - Mandy Lehto




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • The first time Mandy realized she had gumption.
  • Why Mandy had plenty of flashpoints with her father.
  • How becoming an overachiever in school and college helped her find success.
  • The life strategy that allowed Mandy to reinvent herself.
  • When Mandy decided to put her hobbies and creative side as a non-priority.
  • Why overachieving can be perceived as a compulsion or addiction.
  • How Mandy's life was falling apart despite the success she's achieved.
  • When Mandy realized her achievement addiction was harming her body.
  • The different ways Mandy is now living without overachieving.
  • Allowing yourself to take life easy and live stress-free.



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • "At the end of the day, it's all about 'who did I love and who did I help?'" - Mandy Lehto
  • "If my doing is informed by my being, then life shifts." - Mandy Lehto
  • "One of the best things that ever happened to me was when my body said 'enough.'" - Mandy Lehto



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