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Feb 15, 2021

Todd Cherches is the CEO and co-founder of BigBlueGumball, an NYC-based consulting firm specializing in leadership development, public speaking, and executive coaching, as well as a Founding Partner of the Global Institute For Thought Leadership. He is also a three-time award-winning Adjunct Professor of leadership at NYU, and a Lecturer on leadership at Columbia University. Todd is also a TEDx speaker and the author of "VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life.

Today Todd joins me to share his journey. He talks about his experiences as an extreme introvert and what pushed him to speak up and speak out. He explains what visual leadership is and how it can have an impact on exchanging ideas. He talks about how storytelling can have an impact in technical and financial fields. He also asks us to think about how our stories and metaphors can relate to our audiences.

“Storytelling is inbred in us. Stories are motivational. They are human. They make you vulnerable.”

“If you're not willing to toot your own horn or raise your hand or speak up and speak out, our organizations miss out, our teams miss out, and we miss out.”

This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The importance of speaking up and speaking out
  • Todd’s three V’s of feeling heard
  • Proving our value beyond our labels
  • Why quiet leadership and invisible leaders have positive impacts
  • The catalyst event that changed Todd’s Life
  • How visual leadership helps people see from a fresh perspective
  • What it means to “flip the eye”
  • The impact of storytelling in scientific and data-driven fields
  • Asking how our stories and metaphors relate to our audiences

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