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Oct 26, 2020



Wendy Pease is a Language Translation Expert and Partner at Rapport International, a company that provides professional translation and interpreting services that serve global and local brands. They specialize in reducing legal or medical liability by using correct terminology as well as providing the right voice for a specific audience. She is skilled in localization, diversity, cultural adaptation, global marketing, interpretation, and marketing translation. Wendy also has over 20 years of educational speaking experience for various organizations on topics surrounding culture and language.


Wendy joins me today to discuss what it means to speak the language of business in a way that connects and relates to everyone. She shares how she experienced various cultures of different countries as a child and what inspired her to focus on being an expert in cross-cultural communications. She discusses how body language is just as important as the words that come out of a person’s mouth. Wendy also shares how you can find a part of yourself that you can turn into a career.


"I fell in love with the language of business and wanted to learn more about how to grow businesses." - Wendy Pease




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • Why Wendy's superpower is connecting people.
  • The number of places Wendy traveled to in her childhood and the cultures she experienced.
  • The difficulties of having mistranslations and miscommunications across cultures.
  • How you can get the tone of what people mean beyond the words.
  • The reason Wendy traveled to Europe and what she learned about herself.
  • Being motivated to run her own company and how Wendy came up with the name.
  • How being adventurous moved Wendy from working in an organization she loved being part of.
  • Finding out what you can make as a hobby and what you can turn into a career.



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • "Recognize you got a lot of different parts. One you may want to keep as a hobby, another one as a career." - Wendy Pease
  • "All of my decisions have been made on where I am right now in my life." - Wendy Pease
  • "We don't say goodbye; we'll just say see you later because you never know when people will circle round back into your life." - Wendy Pease



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