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Oct 28, 2020



Deirdre Breakenridge is an author and CEO at Pure Performance Communications, a company that helps businesses communicate and engage with their stakeholders better. She has over 25 years of experience in Public Relations and has a robust clientele of senior executives from mid size and large organizations. By profession, Deirdre is a communications strategist. She specializes in creating customized communications programs, media relations, and image and reputation management.


Deidre joins us to discuss how you can touch the lives of those who need help, but may feel a bit guarded when it comes to their internal problems. She shares the events that led her to want to be an entrepreneur and discusses how emotional intelligence plays out when it comes to empathy and understanding. She explains why being shown resistance can be a good sign from someone asking for help. Deirdre also describes how we can be more self-aware when it comes to how we listen to others.


"When there's resistance, it makes me feel more purposeful; that I'm touching people on a level that is making them uncomfortable. If you keep going with it, you can make a difference." - Deirdre Breakenridge




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • The events that made Deirdre realize her passion for entrepreneurship.
  • Why her 24-year old step-daughter decided to end her journey with Deirdre's family.
  • How emotional intelligence factors into understanding human behavior.
  • The importance of recognizing feelings we try to bury under happy thoughts.
  • Understanding your fears and how it relates to empathy and personal growth.
  • Why experiencing resistance when trying to help someone is a good sign.
  • What the "ripple effect" is when it comes to helping others.
  • The lessons Deirdre learned throughout her career as a coach.
  • The different levels of listening as it relates to self-awareness.



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • "You have to take stock in your own emotion before you can even recognize what's going on in somebody else's world." - Deirdre Breakenridge
  • "The external doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you see. What matters is what's going on inside." - Deirdre Breakenridge
  • "Clearing the mind and being more present, that helps you to reset." - Deirdre Breakenridge
  • "You connect on what you put out. If you're out there with anger and frustration, what kind of energy are you going to bring in? It's going to be about the same, like the law of attraction." - Deirdre Breakenridge



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