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Jun 27, 2022

Some of us plan our life ahead, navigating through careers and whatnot. However, just as we've all come to know, life happens, and sometimes our plans fall through. That is why Robert "Bob" Coughlin is a great believer in not thinking too much about it, which led him to become the person he is now and impacting so many lives. In this episode, he joins Tony Martignetti to share the flash points that took him from politician to President and CEO of MassBio to Managing Director of Life Sciences at JLL, where he is a strong partner in life science companies to help them identify opportunities to optimize their portfolios, whether it's through site selection, tax incentives, or operational efficiencies. Bob shares how he is trying to change laws to make Massachusetts better for the life sciences, getting the academia-industry and government to work together. Through it all, Bob's journey is all about riding the waves and finding the compass to his life's work in it. Join him as he takes us deeper into his story.

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