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Dec 16, 2020



Gaby Puma is a transformation teacher, guide, and coach who is a bridge between indigenous wisdom and western knowledge. She has been a leader in the travel and tourism industry for the past 15 years. She is the founder of the AYNI Scholarship to help provide a world-class education for the brilliant, indigenous Quechua children in Peru.


Gaby describes her experiences growing up in an ancestral, indigenous home, that was filled with hardship and brutal punishments that she could not face for a long time. Learning English and meeting western tourists became a way of escapism for Gaby to forget about the hardships in her life. Gaby talks about how she could not face the hardships others experienced and tried to push back from her darkness, and how this came to affect her work and feel about her upbringing. She shares how over time she learned to face her darkness and accept being in the present instead of the past.



"I never thought I could speak it out or communicate those deeper pains that brought them [western tourists] to our beautiful Peru homeland seeking all this help." – Gaby Puma


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The flashpoints that changed the course of Gaby's life
  • Gaby's experience of growing up in a traditional non-western culture
  • Why Gaby gravitated towards western culture and her desire to learn English
  • Balancing the ancestral old ways with the modern new ways
  • How Gaby became a bridge to western tourists to promote her culture
  • The darkness in Gaby and how she saw the same darkness in different people
  • Gaby's epiphany on running from her past and how she faced her darkness
  • The importance of expressing your truth and speaking up
  • The books that inspired Gaby


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • " It's like God was speaking through my laptop asking me, ‘Are you living in the present Gaby?’- Gaby Puma


Resources Mentioned:


Connect with Gaby Puma


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