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Dec 30, 2020

Clint is a former police officer and counselor. Now he is a published author with his new book, "lighting the blue flame" which is all about suicide prevention and resilience. He is the director of Blue Flame projects which is focused on resilience and leadership programs around suicide prevention and domestic violence. He's based out of Brisbane, Australia.

Clint joins me to share the journey that shaped him into creating a career path that involved serving the public and promoting mental health.  He talks about his experience working in the police force, and as a counselor that helped him identify how PTSD can affect those trying to help the traumatized. He talks about how unresolved trauma can have a major effect on aspects of our lives like work and how effective leaders we can be. Clint also shares insight from his book and how he is trying to reduce the suicide rates of younger generations.

“I don’t think enough people understand enough about how the unconscious brain works in comparison to your conscious one.” -Clint Adams

This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The flashpoints that changed the course of Clint’s life
  • Clint’s inspiration to help others by watching his grandmother
  • Joining the police force and psychological elements of the police force
  • What inspired Clint to write his book
  • The causes and impact of suicide
  • Emotional baggage from work when dealing with traumatic events
  • Building resistance to fight or flight modes
  • The common threads of mental health and work performance
  • Conscious vs unconscious brain
  • How Clint is working with local suicide prevention programs

Our Favorite Quotes:

“No one is going to go through life and not have any kind of thing happen to that they’re not happy about. You’re going to lose people along the way.  -Clint Adams

“I guess for me just seeing her [Clint’s Grandmother] helping people, and you know, not expecting payment, it was always something that I guess became an undercurrent of mine around how you deal with people and that kind of stuff.  -Clint Adams


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