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Dec 21, 2020



Jessica Rhodes is the leading expert on how to leverage podcast guesting, increase brand awareness, more leads, and higher profits. She created the podcast booking industry in 2013 when she founded Interview Connections, the first and leading agency of its kind. She is married with two kids and has reignited her passion for rescuing cats.


Jessica joins me to share her journey about getting started as an entrepreneur in the podcast industry. She talks about how she applied her previous job experience to working with something she enjoyed to grow a 6-figure business. Jessica also talks about the importance of networking and how to stand out when even asking questions. She also talks about how personal development in your business extends into your personal life.


“Entrepreneurship is a personal development journey in and of itself.”

- Jessica Rhodes


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The flashpoints that changed the course of Jessica’s life
  • How major life changes forced Jessica’s career shift
  • Parenthood and your career
  • Transferable skills being a door-to-door salesperson.
  • Determining the most profitable services from your skillset
  • The early days of podcasting
  • Setting sales goals
  • Networking and Introductions at conferences
  • Getting uncomfortable with self-promotion
  • Entrepreneurship as a personal journey
  • Examples of Jessica's personal investments


Our Favorite Quotes:

“Who do you need to be to get your business going? Do you need to be brave? Do you need to take a risk?” -Jessica Rhodes


“When you have that simple elevator pitch. When you can say who you are and what you do, people that need what you do are going to come to find you.” -Jessica Rhodes


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