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Jun 29, 2020

Parissa Behnia is the founder of Sixense Strategy, a strategic coaching and consulting company designed to help business leaders and C-Suite executives discover their superpower and unleash their true potential. She is also a partner in 678 Partners, an advisory firm that offers services to Family Offices. Prior to forming her coaching business, Parissa served as the Vice President and Account Director at Wunderman DC. Recognized in the Chicago entrepreneurial community as a board member, advisor, and angel investor with a soft spot for female founders, Parissa regularly speaks and teaches seminars on topics related to strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship. She holds an MBA from New York University’s School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University as well as multiple certifications, including iPEC’s Professional Coach certification.

Parissa joins me today to share her story of working in the corporate world to starting her coaching business. She shares the pivotal moment that shifted her career journey and ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. She discusses the challenges she faced with impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs and how she decided to stop trying to fit into other people’s definitions of ‘perfect.’ Parissa explains how she helps high-performance entrepreneurs to embrace their ‘perfect imperfections,’ discover their superpowers, and unleash their potential. She also explains the importance of asking questions and staying emotionally unattached when trying new ideas.


“Every outcome is perfect. Just lean into one thing that you’re curious about. Evaluate it. Don’t have an emotional attachment to an outcome.” - Parissa Behnia


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • Why Parissa pivoted her career from working in the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur and how she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit
  • Her struggles with asking for help, honing her creativity, and overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors
  • The pivotal moment when things shifted in her career journey and ignited her entrepreneurial spirit
  • Her experience with overcoming self-doubts and limiting beliefs
  • Why she decided to stop trying to fit into someone else’s “box”
  • The importance of embracing your imperfections
  • Parissa’s advice for high-performance leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Parissa’s experience with asking ‘what-if’ questions in corporate America
  • The difference between “makers” and “creators”
  • The 3 D’s Leadership Concept: The Difficult, The Dismissive, and The Divisive


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “High performers always have doubts. High performers always believe that they are the dumbest person in the room. High performers have horrible impostor syndrome.” - Parissa Behnia
  • “You don’t have to leap an audacious goal in a single bound.” - Parissa Behnia


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