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Jul 6, 2020

With a doctorate in social psychology, Dr. Erin Baker is all about helping people launch their next act as a transformational coach and speaker. Erin is the author of the upcoming book And: How One Word Can Change Your Life, Your Business, and Your World, and is also the host of the soon-to-be-released podcast, Life in the And. Erin formerly served as Facebook’s Manager of User Research, where she impacted the experience of over two billion Facebook users daily, and also worked at Microsoft, but did not feel fulfilled internally in these roles and struggled with impostor syndrome. After quitting her job at Facebook in 2017, Erin hired a coach and ultimately launched her business, where she works with leaders and creatives who are ready to live their mission and transform their dreams into reality. 

Erin joins me today to share her path from the corporate world to her latest venture as a “soul-preneur,” including the thoughts and emotions that arose along the way. Erin discusses her experience with getting caught in the rat race and how she discovered that she could “have it all” by prioritizing her true desires and living in the “and.” Erin also highlights the power of presence, why she stopped setting goals, and why no stepping stone in life is a mistake. 

“For me to just say ‘I’m going to let it all go’ was the edgiest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and it changed everything for me.” - Erin Baker

This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • How a family emergency helped Erin realize how torn she was between her personal and professional priorities
  • The fear that people face when they get to the top of their metaphorical “mountain”
  • How earning a Ph.D. is similar to running a business
  • The importance of remembering your larger-scale vision and what keeps Erin going on a daily basis
  • How being present and living in the “and” changed everything for Erin in her professional life
  • Some of the big “ands” in Erin’s life and how running her own business allows her to balance all of her life priorities
  • Early stumbling blocks in Erin’s journey as a coach and how she built her confidence
  • How COVID-19 put Erin’s practice of presence to the test
  • Whether Erin believes in the mentality of surrendering to life and whether we ever truly “move backward” along our journeys
  • Erin’s upcoming book and the impact she hopes to have on people
  • The powerful impact of being true to ourselves

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “The impact feeds the family; the family feeds the impact.” - Erin Baker
  • “I have only control over the actions I take, not the outcomes.” - Erin Baker
  • “You still have to be in motion, it’s just that I’m in motion with no attachment to what those motions create.” - Erin Baker
  • “Many people aren’t awake yet to the fact that they are miserable.” - Erin Baker

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