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Dec 23, 2020



Tina Reimer is an artist, dancer, and a bad-ass intuitive. She works with people to lead them back to themselves using her intuition and her skills as a coach and a guide. She loves working with visionaries, dreamers, artists, and unconventional thinkers.


Tina joins me to share her journey about how her past experiences brought her to being a coach today. She shares moments from her life when she realized she had not listened to her intuition and seeing the pattern of her past experiences. Tina also talks about the path she took to push through self-doubt and over come her internal critic. Through out the episode she stresses the importance of listening to yourself and making your dreams happen.


“Don’t ask yourself how you can do this…Follow it and ask better questions.”

- Tina Reimer


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The flashpoints that changed the course of Tina’s life
  • How music inspired Tina’s dancing passion at a young age
  • The hospitality industry and its need for strong personalities
  • The early days of working in the podcast industry
  • Using intuition as a guide to find strength and purpose
  • Tina’s journey to self-discovery
  • Identifying recurring themes from life experiences
  • Location Independent Careers
  • Coping with external and internal critics
  • Listening to your intuition


Our Favorite Quotes:

“My strength is not the field in that we are working or this job technique you need. My strength is my personality.” -Tina Reimer


“Before we start this process of personal development, unfortunately we are waiting so long that it hurts. And it hurts so badly we can’t ignore it anymore.” -Tina Reimer


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