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Jun 29, 2020

Former Special Forces Operative in the Israeli Army and former professional basketball player, Gilad Karni has led an interesting life. Today, he is a coach and advisor for high-level leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs with powerful missions to change the world. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, and working with clients worldwide, Gilad’s compassionate nature, quiet leadership tactics, and courage to say what others won’t enable him to help his clients and their teams step into their inner power, achieve the impossible and lead their organizations their way.

Gilad joins me today to share the defining moments that empowered him to be true to himself, to challenge the status quo, and to lead his life his own way. He shares how the challenges he experienced throughout his childhood encouraged him to prove himself to the world. He explains why he transitioned his career from playing professional basketball to serving his country and how this decision impacted his feelings of self-value and self-belief. He shares his experiences of embracing the unknown and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. He also explains why it’s important to observe and understand how and why we pursue the things we pursue and why he believes the way we deal with challenges and setbacks are part of our DNA.


“Going through challenges together - if you’re able to do that as a team, nothing can beat you.” - Gilad Karni


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • How his parent’s divorce and quitting high school at the age of 16 impacted his life
  • Why he transitioned his career from playing professional basketball to serving his country in the Israeli Army
  • Lessons he’s learned about team dynamics while playing on the court and serving his country
  • The importance of embracing the unknown, following your passion, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Gilad’s flashpoint moment that transformed his life
  • What inspired Gilad to move to the United States and start a coaching career
  • Gilad’s advice to others that are currently transitioning their lives
  • What continues to drive Gilad forward and the world he wants to create


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “It’s fascinating to see how people react, act, and deal with challenges, with uncertainty, with difficulty because this is where our DNA lays.” - Gilad Karni
  • “It’s so important to observe how and why we pursue what we pursue.” - Gilad Karni
  • “Take care of what’s important. The numbers and the metrics will be so, so, so much better.” - Gilad Karni

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