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Aug 10, 2020



Eric Chasen is a speaker, author, and IPEC-certified resiliency coach. Eric is an expert in helping people turn their lives around using his personal experiences as fuel and is passionate about guiding people towards personal and professional growth. Eric’s book, From Despair to Millionaire: Growing Beyond Hardship, discusses his story and philosophies on life success and how he transformed his rock bottom into an opportunity to rise like never before.


Eric joins me today to discuss From Despair to Millionaire and some of the life experiences and hardships that have shaped him as a person, including financial struggles and unexpected losses. Eric shares some of his career twists and turns, and his experience with going into business alongside his brother. Eric also highlights a recent hardship that he faced, what led him to become a coach, and some advice he would give to those currently facing adversity.


“Vulnerable is the new strong.” - Eric Chasen




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • Eric’s early career journey and an individual who shaped Eric through his mentorship
  • How working in the sales industry can feel a lot like running your own business
  • The devastating losses and personal struggles Eric grappled with as a young adult
  • The family business Eric worked in and what going into business with his brother was like
  • What working at the company was like after Eric and his brother sold it and the impact of the recession
  • What inspired Eric to become a coach and write his book From Despair to Millionaire, and what that process was like
  • What Eric’s “ABCs of success” are and how they have helped him stay resilient in the face of adversity
  • How the ability to communicate relates to the ability to succeed and the strength it takes to ask for help



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “The power of choice is really, really important - and falls squarely on us.” - Eric Chasen
  • “It takes a certain amount of confidence and a certain amount of belief to actually be humble enough to ask for help.” - Eric Chasen



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