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Oct 14, 2020



Lauren Celano is the Founder and CEO of Propel Careers, a firm that offers recruitment services in the life sciences sector. They help life sciences companies hire for their research, commercial, and clinical teams. More than a recruiting company, Lauren and her team also offer coaching services to help aspiring talents with their career search. Before she founded Propel Careers, Lauren had an extensive career in developing businesses in the novel therapeutics industry.


Lauren joins me today to discuss how a career in the life sciences industry has changed her mindset on healthcare. She shares how her family influenced her career trajectory and how college opened the door to opportunities she never considered. She explains the importance of hiring not just for talent, but also for team chemistry. Lauren also describes why many today don’t realize they’re leading unfulfilled lives until they’re too old or it’s too late to change directions.


"It's important to take time to carve out 'Are you aligned? Are you in the right place?' So then if you're not, you can make choices to help influence that direction." - Lauren Celano




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • How science drew Lauren into the recruitment and coaching industry.
  • The anchors that can help give you a foundation for your career.
  • The lessons Lauren has learned after she became a leader of a company.
  • Lauren's first hand experience regarding the drug industry.
  • How Lauren's mother influenced her mindset regarding healthcare.
  • The most exciting part of Lauren's job in recruitment and career guidance.
  • Finding out what drives people and grouping them with like-minded individuals.
  • Why most people are not fulfilled enough in their lives and careers.



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • "Life sciences is a long game in terms of it takes so much time to develop drugs." - Lauren Celano
  • "It wasn't until college that I got exposed to the larger areas of career opportunities where you can still impact human health, but it doesn't mean just being a medical doctor." - Lauren Celano
  • "It is interesting, when you reflect on your past career, how much knowledge you may have gained, but at the time you don't always realize that." - Lauren Celano
  • "You can't just hire people for the sake of hiring people, but you need to get good teams together so people can be productive." - Lauren Celano



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