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Jul 13, 2020

Ed Evarts is a certified team and leadership coach, business strategist, and founder and president of Excellius Leadership Development.

Ed has worked with clients such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Johnson & Johnson, and Biogen, helping firms and mid-to-senior level professionals succeed in their industry and achieve higher levels of performance, visibility, and self-awareness. Ed formerly served as president of the New England Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), where he earned one of his coaching credentials, and has spent many years working in the human resources arena. Additionally, Ed is the host of the podcast Be Brave @ Work with Ed Evarts, and the author of Raise Your Visibility & Value, as well as the upcoming book, Drive Your Career: 9 High-Impact Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Own Success.

Ed joins me today to share his journey to launching his coaching business, how getting laid off from his corporate job served as a significant career pivot point and his advice for those navigating similar experiences.  He discusses who can benefit from a coaching relationship and how he works with his clients to help them achieve greater self-awareness and career success. Ed also highlights how having a mindset of conviction can propel you towards your goals and the power of being a lifelong student by never underestimating the opportunity to learn from others.

“We are not in this alone, and we do need to stand on the shoulders of others and look to them to help us be more successful. We can learn something from everyone that we meet.” - Ed Evarts


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The best and worst day of Ed’s career and the emotional impact of this experience
  • Ed’s words of wisdom for other professionals experiencing similar career lows
  • Ed’s journey to launching his business and how he realized he was interested in coaching
  • The mantra that kept Ed going in the early stages of his company
  • The three levels of income that consultants make and how long it took Ed to get to the third level
  • Ed’s philosophies on setting and achieving goals and the role of self-confidence
  • The power of collaboration, connection, and learning from the insights of others
  • Why you should reflect on what you do and how you do it, and how Ed addresses both the “what” and “how” in his work with clients
  • Ed’s experience with rejection and facing the “naysayers”
  • How learning to make effective choices can impact your success and how your financial situation can influence decision-making
  • Three lessons for those going through difficult professional transitions
  • The types of books that Ed has been impacted by throughout his life

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “You may dip into the valley of despair, but you will come back out, I hope, stronger and better than ever.” - Ed Evarts
  • “You really don’t know what people think about you until you’re leaving.” - Ed Evarts
  • “It’s staking that claim and owning it and just sticking with it.” - Ed Evarts
  • “Even folks who are in trouble deserve the opportunity to work with somebody to help them find a new path that can help them be successful. But they have to have that belief that they want to do that.” - Ed Evarts
  • “All leaders need somebody that they can work with who’s objective and confidential, to help them see the world as others are seeing it, to build their self-awareness.” - Ed Evarts

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