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Jun 29, 2020

Dolores Hirschmann is the founder of Masters In Clarity, a coaching company that offers programs designed to help entrepreneurs clarify their message, map their business strategy, and grow their influence. Dolores is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, TEDxOrganizer, and speaker and has been featured in several media publications and podcasts including the Boston Voyager, GROUNDWORK!, Master Leadership 360, the Women Worldwide Podcast, and Women’s Business Talk Radio Network. She is also the author of Stand out the TED Way: Be Seen & Grow Your Business. Dolores believes that ideas can have a positive impact on the world and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs increase their visibility and realize their exponential growth.

Dolores joins me today to share the defining, pivotal moments in her life and career that have helped her evolve into who she is today. She explains how clarity and action, together, creates impact and why it’s crucial to replace your fear with curiosity. She shares the challenges she experienced with building her personal brand, overcoming self-doubt, and building her self-confidence. She also shares how perfectionism and self-judgment have impacted her career and the importance of pushing past the fear to achieve your goals.


“Every single action reveals the next action.” - Dolores Hirschmann


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • The pivotal moment in Dolores’ career that shaped who she is and what she does today
  • The power of curiosity and the importance of replacing fear with curiosity
  • Why Dolores believes clarity and action go hand-in-hand to create impact
  • What motivated her to move her family to Argentina
  • The challenges Dolores experienced while building her personal brand and why she believes building a personal brand is one of the most challenging endeavors you can take
  • The importance of pushing past fear and perfectionism to achieve your goals
  • Lessons Dolores has learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “The willingness to get in the ring; the willingness to experience the full range of emotions - that is where the gifts are hidden.” - Dolores Hirschmann
  • “The self-doubt is the growing pains, but what happens is, you start realizing that the work that you’re doing is bigger than fears, self-doubt, or lack of self-worth.” - Dolores Hirschmann
  • “You’ve got to be uncomfortable to have the courage to shift.” - Dolores Hirschmann


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