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Oct 21, 2020



Susan Finn is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a focus on social media implementation and development. She is the owner of Rise Above Noise, a platform that guides entrepreneurs to manage their business’ online marketing. Being part of her program lets her clients have access to monthly e-newsletters as well as SEO services for every type of content, whether video or blog. Susan specializes in email list building, email marketing strategies, Google AdWords campaigns, and Contact Relationship Management.


Susan joins me today to discuss how you can improve your online presence through Rise Above Noise. She describes the different flashpoints in her life that led her to start a digital marketing company. She shares the story of how her mother’s condition paved the way for her to realize the benefits of networking and explains how you can focus on doing what you love without paying attention to the noise around you. Susan also shares tips on how an entrepreneur can make their content easier to share and the insights she’s gained from working with female entrepreneurs.


"If you're going to do something, be strategic and be intentional about what you're doing so you get the results you need or want." - Susan Finn




This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:


  • The different flashpoints that revealed who Susan really is.
  • How caring for Susan's sick mother allowed her to learn the power of connecting.
  • The insights she found when Susan worked with female entrepreneurs.
  • Susan's experience with being "mansplained" by SEO specialists.
  • Why working with a coach can significantly boost your personal growth.
  • Focusing on doing what you love to do without paying attention to naysayers.
  • How you can make it easy for people to share your ideas and content.



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • "If they're doing what they love, and they’re also helping others, it's almost selfish if they don't go out there and do what they need to do." - Susan Finn
  • "Show up how you want to show up. It doesn't matter what other people think. The people who are looking for you are going to find you." - Susan Finn



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