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Jun 29, 2020

Before venturing into the world of coaching and entrepreneurship, Danielle Lindblom worked as a Continuous Improvement Analyst for multiple organizations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and UTC Aerospace Systems. After experiencing debilitating anxiety in her corporate career, Danielle launched her coaching business, Danielle Lindblom Coaching - and has never looked back. Today, she helps women maintain balance and fulfillment in their careers, eliminate their limiting beliefs, and create positive change and transformation in all aspects of their lives.

Danielle joins me today to share her journey from working in the corporate world to becoming an agent of change for female professionals. She discusses her battle with debilitating anxiety and the role that getting outdoors and changing careers has had on her life and career trajectory. She explains the importance of taking action, following your gut instincts and trying new things to create positive change and transformation. She also shares the impact of learning to ‘get out of her own head’ and ask for help and how it enabled her to move forward with intention and integrity in her life and career.


“If you’re not scared shitless, you’re not playing big enough.” - Danielle Lindblom


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • Danielle’s journey to becoming a transformational leader for female professionals
  • The pivotal inflection points throughout her career journey that led to where she is today
  • The importance of taking action, following your gut, and trying new things
  • Why Danielle consistently seeks out places that make her feel small and how it helps her shift her perspective and feel empowered
  • The moment Danielle decided to break the status quo and create her own path toward personal and professional success
  • How Danielle shed her former image to create a ‘new and improved’ personal image
  • Staying true to yourself and your integrity
  • The guiding principles Danielle needed to keep her on the path of moving forward with intention and integrity
  • Danielle’s advice to others seeking positive transformation
  • Danielle’s struggles with mindset shifts when shifting her career from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “When you’re in ‘those places,’ it unlocks this place in you - this reverence, this awe, and this wonder. And it’s the most incredible feeling of perspective.” - Danielle Lindblom
  • “It’s sort of like bumper rails when you’re bowling. You’re trying to find the straight path, but you’re going to hit the guardrails from time to time as a way of identifying the path.” - Danielle Lindblom
  • “When I had the right people in my corner; when I opened myself to receiving help - that was like rocket fuel.” - Danielle Lindblom

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