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Jun 29, 2020

Brandon Bennett is a transformational leadership coach for purpose-driven, high-performing, heart-centered leaders. Prior to starting his coaching career, he worked as a high-level Sales Consultant for one of the leading global professional brands in the world, the Dallas Cowboys. After feeling burned out, highly stressed, and unfulfilled from his highly successful, 6-figure career, Brandon decided to venture into unchartered waters and launch his holistic leadership coaching practice. He holds a Bachelors’s degree in Exercise Sports Science & Sports Management from Texas Tech University and is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner as well as a Registered Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher.

Brandon joins me today to share his bouts of career burnout, depression, and anxiety and how it led to his decision to leave his successful career to being his journey into entrepreneurship. Brandon shares how meditation, mindfulness, and journaling helped him get clear on his mission and the path he truly wanted to take. He explains why it’s important to appreciate your past experiences and embrace your thoughts and emotions. He discusses the importance of focusing on what you love when seeking ways to make positive changes in your life. Brandon also shares his advice to others seeking to make a positive change to transform their lives.


“Embrace and love everything as it is.” - Brandon Bennett


This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast:

  • Brandon’s experience with burnout, depression, and anxiety and how it encouraged him to pivot his career path
  • The impact of meditation and mindfulness and how it helped him gain clarity around his feelings of burnout and depression
  • The concept of using an “Idea Journal” to get clear on your next steps
  • The importance of appreciating your past experiences
  • Lessons Brandon has learned about shifting his image from his “former life” to being recognized as a coach
  • Brandon’s advice for finding your path to create positive change


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Sometimes, the thing that can be in the way is this identity that we hold onto from a previous belief.” - Brandon Bennett
  • “Really focus on what it is that you would really love.” - Brandon Bennett
  • “Embrace the unknown. The unknown never shifts.” - Brandon Bennett


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