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Feb 27, 2023

Happiness entrepreneur Scott Simon joins us today as he talks about the connection between courage and happiness. Scott shares the value of doing things that scare you to ultimately bring satisfaction to your life. Scott has also given a TED talk on the topic, as well as authoring a book called Scare Your Soul

Feb 20, 2023

Life has many preconceived notions that we are expected to fulfill. At this age, we’re supposed to have stable jobs. At another age, we’re supposed to get married. We’re supposed to have kids. We’re supposed to have grandkids, retire, and all that. We’re supposed to take this degree and have that career path....

Feb 6, 2023

The magic starts to happen outside your comfort zone. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable allows you to find unexpected solutions to your problems, unlock a better idea flow, and unleash the best version of yourself. Our guest today is Jeremy Utley, Stanford Adjunct, Keynote Speaker, and Co-Author of "Ideaflow: The...